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Listen to this series of Stand Up ND radio broadcasts aired on Prairie Public.

What is Bullying?

Author Emily Bazelon, principal John Nelson, and coach Kelli Sitzler talk about different types of conflict between students and when it is considered bullying.


Cyberbullying is a huge challenge for schools, students and parents. Although cyberbullying doesn’t take place “in” school, some teachers and other school personnel say it is the biggest problem they face today. A mother and daughter talk about their experience with cyberbullying, and school personnel talk about what they are doing in an attempt to keep it under control.

Social Exclusion and Bullying

Bullying is usually identified as an aggressive, ongoing verbal or physical attack–either in person or online. But there’s another kind of harm that happens when kids are ignored–not just sometimes, but all the time. This extreme social isolation can cut as deep as any other type of bullying.

School Culture and Bullying

Bullying has often not been addressed until it becomes an issue. But North Dakota’s anti-bullying law says that isn’t enough. Find out how school personnel are becoming more proactive, how they are creating positive school cultures, in order to prevent bullying.

Grafton Girls on How to Succeed in High School

High School can be a scary time for ninth graders just starting out. Who better to offer advice about fitting in and making friends than the seniors! This story features two Grafton High senior talking about a letter writing project they participated in to help incoming freshmen.

Coaching Boys into Men

Some high school coaches in Grand Forks are teaching more than sports. They’re teaching their athletes about healthy relationships. Weekly discussions after practice focus on topics like dating, bullying and how to stand up to abuse. Find more information on Coaching Boys into Men and other programs from Futures Without Violence

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